Would your child, or one you know, like to have fun learning and experiencing the greatest stories from the Bible? Is so, BibleKids 3D books are for you.
BibleKids 3D brings to life Bible stories and are a different kind of book- they come to life like an interactive 3D movie.
BibleKids 3D Blog

BibleKids 3D is developing a growing series of Bible stories for parents with young kids. In addition to the new, fun digital books arriving in English – BibleKids 3D’s books will be made available in different languages from all around the world.  Check back often for teasers, screenshots, videos and new release information from our growing library!

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Image Gallery

There are many amazing characters in the Bible. BibleKids 3D brings to life these incredible people that God used to tell us the most important story of all time. Listen and watch as the characters talk and move, play with the animals and enjoy your kids having fun- learning.

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Welcome to BibleKids 3D

The BibleKids 3D digital interactive book series awaits you. God’s greatest stories of the Bible have been brought to life with full animations, sounds and narration. Great for kids, perfect for parents and teachers. These books are adorable and fun for the whole family.

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