BibleKids 3D Books “its fun to believe”

BibleKids 3D books are interactive 3D children’s books based on the Bible. When we created this very fun and cute animated 3D series we started from scripture, scripted out the scenes, people, places and if the scripture had them- animals. These are great books we hope you and your family will enjoy them as much as we did creating them!

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The books read more like a movie than a regular book. Also the characters come alive when tapped and make noise. Additionally we worked with Dex Alexander from the hit Christian band “All Together Separate” for narration and story telling.

Noah and the Ark Noah by his ArkThe Noah and the Ark story is based on Genesis 6:11 through 7:5. If you were to have your Bible open when reading and listening to the BibleKids 3D books, you will see we followed the account faithfully. From when Noah began building the Ark to when it landed to when Noah did all that Lord commanded him to do.

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Christmas Story



Christmas Story- the story of the birth of Jesus. The story spans from when Mary first was told she was going to have a very special baby, to when Jesus was born. Watch, listen and tap through the story as Joseph and Mary look for a room to sleep, meet Shepherds and Wise Men and see the Baby Jesus!

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BibleKids 3D Dainiel and the Lion's Den

Daniel and the Lion’s Den- the Story of Daniel and King Darius. From the book of Daniel chapter 6. Daniel loved God and God protected him because of his great faith. King Darius loved Daniel too, and when governors tricked the King by signing a decree where no one but the King could pray for thirty days they knew Daniel was faithful to God. See when Daniel is sentenced to the Lion’s Den and what happens when the King finds out the truth!


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It's Fun To Believe BibleKids 3D Prodigal Son- the parable Jesus tells in Luke 15:11-32 of a son who leaves home and the Father who always there, with open arms when he comes back. One of our favorite stories of the Bible. The younger son wants to take his inheritance and run off to town. It is not long before the younger son realizes his mistake and wants to return home. And when he does his loving father is there waiting for him and runs to him with open arms. Learn what happens when the older son finds out as Jesus tells the parable of “The Prodigal Son”.

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David and GoliathDavid and Goliath- the story of faithful young David up against all odds from 1 Samuel 17. The story starts when David is a young shepherd boy and is asked by his father Jessie to go to see his brothers, to putting on Saul’s armor all the way to the climax of the story- when David fights Goliath!

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We created these books so children could learn the greatest stories of the Bible while having fun- while leaving the teaching of the theology up to the Parents, Schools and Churches.

Want something that will put a smile on your child? Try BibleKids 3D books “its fun to bleleve”.

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