Daniel and the Lion’s Den

BibleKids 3D Daniel and the Lion's Den







BibleKids 3D tells the story of Daniel from the Bible, Daniel Chapter 6, During King Darius’ reign, the King appointed Daniel over many governors. The governors did not like the idea that Daniel, from Israel, would be in charge of them. So they set out to trick the King into creating a decree that no one would pray to God for 30 days- knowing that Daniel prayed to his God- the God of Israel.

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Daniel was faithful to God and prayed as he always did. What if all children knew the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den and how Daniel was bless that he was so faithful?

The stories are told in a light way, BibleKids 3D believes parents prefer children’s stories to be fun, learning and immersive- and leave the theology up to them. BibleKids 3D brings to life an engaging line of digital books that will entertain your kids, friends and families time after time.

One of the challenging aspects of telling epic stories is making them fun and engaging in a kid like way. At BibleKids 3D we believe the combination is- using the gift of creative ideation and drive that God puts in us, knowing the Bible, having others in your life that know too and utilize a creative group of Christian families with children of all ages and backgrounds. We believe if we get this right, we will earn your support for our entire series of Biblical interactive digital books for children.BibleKids 3D Dainiel and the Lion's Den

Listen to the narration from Dex Alexander, renowned singer, songwriter, actor and story teller. Enjoy the story as Dex brings to life the story of Daniel in a fun, learning and engaging way.

With amazing graphics and real-life characters this digital interactive re-creation of the story will entertain for hours. All BibleKids 3D books come fully narrated and include puzzles and games.