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BibleKids 3D is developing a growing series of Bible stories for parents with young kids. In addition to the new, fun digital books arriving in English – BibleKids 3D’s books will be made available in different languages from all around the world.  Check back often for teasers, screenshots, videos and new release information from our growing library!

Noah and the Ark Flickr Set is up!

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BibleKids 3D Noah and the Ark

We posted some pictures of Noah and the Ark on Flickr, hope you enjoy!

Check out Noah and the Ark on Flickr

Daniel and the Lion’s Den to release this month- April 2012!

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Daniel and the Lion’s Den to release this month- April 2012!

It’s been a little while since we posted. Developers tend to get into a dark room and not come out. BibleKids 3D will be launching Daniel and the Lion’s Den this month and the book just looks amazing.

Tap, touch and listen to “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” like you have never seen before. The BibleKids 3D Series of books are designed and tested by and for kids and parents. “It’s Fun To Believe”

★ Great for kids
★ Great for parents
★ Great for teaching

★ Full 3D
★ Vibrant colors and scenes
★ Tap the screen to bring the characters and animals to life
★ No pages, it plays more like a movie than a book
★ Authentic sounds
★ Fully animated scenes, characters and animals
★ Read the story yourself or listen to the professionally narrated voice of Dex Alexander- singer for the Christian Band “All Together Separate”
★ Professionally written for kids
★ One of the most told children’s stories in the bible
★ Modern and educational
★ Replay over and over
★ FUN!

Works on of the all iPad series.

★ Solve Fully 3D Puzzles- that move and have different skill levels
★ Games for kids
★ Move backwards and forwards to repeat scenes

★ We would love to hear from you! Join us on Facebook- search BibleKids 3D or visit

Noah has set sail!

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Noah has set sail!

Our second title in the BibleKids3D series of eBooks is now available in the AppStore!  It is the story of Noah and the Ark complete with amazing 3D animals… If you enjoyed the Christmas Story – you’ll love the story of Noah :) You can see it on iTunes or on your iPad by searching for BibleKids!

Wonderful news!

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Wonderful news!

The first in our series of eBooks is now available in the AppStore! We have it at an absolutely ridiculous price to celebrate the availability of our first product and to bring a little cheer for the season 🙂 You can see it in iTunes or on your device by searching for BibleKids 3D!

Meet Noah

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Meet Noah

Meet Noah.

Noah was a man that followed what God said to do. He was righteous and found favor in God’s eyes. God told Noah, with very specific instructions, to build an Ark and to take his family and two of every animal in the world aboard. Noah did it, just like God said to do.

BibleKids 3D created a child’s viewpoint, fun to read, touch, tap and hear, of Noah. We saw Noah was the kind of man that would be there working on the boat, with all of his sons and his wife supporting him. We also saw Noah as the man who led his family and all the animals through one of the most epic journeys of mankind.

Noah facts:

Noah was the son of Lamech* who named him Noah, saying, “This same shall comfort us in our work and in the toil of our hands, which cometh from the ground which the LORD hath cursed.”**

Noah lived to the ripe old age of 950*** years old, 350 years after the great flood.

Noah’s first mention was in Genesis, but he is mentioned in 12 other other books of the Bible.

 * Genesis 5:25

** Genesis 5:28-29

***Genesis 9:28-29

We’re rolling! Teaser video is here!

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We’re rolling! Teaser video is here!

We’re just getting rolling here at BibleKids 3D – here’s a quick teaser video while we get settled in… Read on to see the video!

Coming soon…

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Coming soon…

This is the future home of BibleKids 3D. Stay tuned for info on our revolutionary 3D story books for mobile devices!